Seminar 6

The linguistic landscape in higher education in English-dominant and EMI settings: Future directions 

UCL Institute of Education

8th-9th July 2016

Despite an established body of knowledge on linguistic diversity and bi/multilingual learners in compulsory and complementary schooling, there is little established knowledge on linguistic diversity in higher education in English-dominant and English as a Medium of Instruction settings. All too often the linguistic diversity brought about by a culturally diverse staff and student population is ignored or treated as a problem to be fixed rather than as a resource for enriching the sector and for fostering a vibrant and fair society and intercultural understanding.

In the concluding conference in the ESRC’s The Multilingual University seminar series, we will pull together issues arising from the seminar series related to language policies, practices, identities and ideologies in linguistically diverse contexts in higher education in English-dominant and EMI settings under the seminar themes of internationalisation, widening participation and language revitalisation. We will discuss current and future avenues of research for examining, maintaining, fostering and raising the visibility of linguistic diversity in higher education in the Anglophone world and in EMI settings and for illuminating the idea of the ‘multilingual university’ in these contexts. The conference will also showcase examples of research and practice in which linguistic diversity is used as a resource.


Keynote speakers

Jasone Cenoz (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU) & Durk Gorter (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU; IKERBASQUE – Basque Foundation for Science): Higher education in the Basque country: revitalization and internationalisation (abstract and presentation)

Kristina Hultgren (Open University): EMI and multilingualism in non-English-dominant universities: reflecting on symptoms and root causes (abstract and presentation)

Karen M. Lauridsen (Aarhus University & IntlUni Coordinator): Languages+ Internationalisation and the multilingual university (abstract and presentation)

Steve Marshall (Simon Fraser University): From celebrating multilingualism to promoting plurilingual pedagogy. A view from Canadian higher education (abstract and presentation)


Fiona Clare Dalziel & Francesca Helm (University of Padova): From prohibition to choice: Exploring language practices in an Italian university (abstract and presentation)

Fiona Dunn (University of Glasgow): Normalising minority language usage among young Gaelic-speaking adults in Scotland (abstract and presentation)

Stephen Evans (Hong Kong Polytechnic University): Language in Hong Kong higher education: Perspectives on policy and practices in a time of transition (abstract and presentation)

Luke Holmes (University of Birmingham): Silence in the postgraduate multilingual classroom (abstract and presentation)

Gillian Lazar (Middlesex University), Julio Gimenez (University of Westminster), Alexandra Pitt (Middlesex University) & Victoria Odeniyi (University of Leicester & UCL Institute of Education): Widening (linguistic) participation and pedagogy for inclusion: ways forward (abstract and presentation)

Reka Jablonkai (University of Hertfordshire): EMI programmes at a Hungarian university: the lecturers’ perspective (abstract and presentation)

Penny Kinnear (University of Toronto): Early English language assessment to improve first-year success of engineering students (abstract and presentation)

Andy Kirkpatrick (Griffith University): The increasing use of EMI in Asian Universities: challenges and prospects (abstract and presentation)

Joanna McPake (Strathclyde University), Fiona O’Hanlon (University of Edinburgh), Mary Andrew (University of Edinburgh), Ann Macdonald (University of Strathclyde) & Mona Wilson (University of Strathclyde): Eadar-chànanachadh: Gaelic-medium teachers’ perspectives on translanguaging (abstract and presentation)

John Pill (American University of Beirut): Connecting test and context: revising an English language admissions test at an EMI university in Lebanon (abstract and presentation)

Siân Preece, Arnaldo Griffin, Yu Hao & Gozzal Utemuratova (UCL Institute of Education): Making the most of linguistic diversity: the views and practices of bi/multilingual postgraduate students (abstract and presentation)

Siân Preece (UCL Institute of Education), Adrian Blackledge (University of Birmingham), Angela Creese (University of Birmingham), David Block (ICREA & Lleida University), Li Wei (UCL Institute of Education) & Joanna McPake (University of Strathclyde): Final discussion (final thoughts)

Bruce Russell (New College, University of Toronto) & Saskia Stille (Simon Fraser University): Deepening aims of EAP: Supporting dynamic and complex bilingual competence needed for academic success in higher education (abstract and presentation)

Diane Schmitt (Nottingham Trent University): The language paradox in international education (abstract and presentation)

Saskia Stille, Valia Spiliotopolous & Joel Heng-Hartse (Simon Fraser University): Towards a disciplinary literacy approach to supporting EAL students in higher education (abstract and presentation)



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Conference reports

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