ESRC seminars

The ESRC seminar series explored themes related to linguistic diversity in Anglophone higher educational settings at six events hosted by the collaborating partners in the UK and Spain. Click on the seminar title to read more about each seminar, including the abstracts, papers and seminar reports.

Seminar 1 (November 14th 2014)

Multilingual learning and transnational networks in HE in English-dominant and EMI settings: What bi/multilingual and transnational students learn from each other beyond the classroom (Birkbeck, London)

Seminar 2 (March 6th 2015)

Widening participation and linguistic minority university students: cultural and linguistic resources and identities (UCL Institute of Education, London) 

Seminar 3 (June 19th 2015)

The role of HE in language revitalisation initiatives (Strathclyde University)

Seminar 4 (November 13th 2015)

Multilingualism in practice in the university (University of Birmingham) 

Seminar 5 (January 28th-29th 2016)

EMI and the multilingual university in word and deed: Internationalisation, EMI and bi/multilingualism in policy and practice (Lleida University, Spain) 

Seminar 6 (July 8th-9th 2016)

Conference: The linguistic landscape in HE in ED and EMI settings: Future Directions (UCL Institute of Education, London)