Plurilingual approaches to pedagogy in Anglophone higher educational settings is lead by Siân Preece, Honorary Associate Professor, UCL Institute of Education and Society in collaboration with Steve Marshall, Simon Fraser University.

Other contributors to the project include:

Jane Andrews (University of the West of England)

Richard Fay (University of Manchester)

Gillian Lazar (Middlesex University)

Angel Lin (Simon Fraser University)

Victoria Odeniyi (UCL Institute of Education)

Saskia Van Viegen (York University)

Sandra Zappa-Hollman (University of British Colombia)

EMEMUS, English-medium education in Multilingual University Settings is lead by Emma Dafouz Milne (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

The ESRC Multilingual University seminar series was lead by Siân Preece, UCL Institute of Education and Society, in collaboration with:

Adrian Blackledge (Stirling University)

David Block (Professor de Recerca ICREA, University of Lleida)

Angela Creese (Stirling University)

Joanna McPake (University of Strathclyde)

Li Wei (UCL Institute of Education and Society)