This is a website and blog about the Multilingual University (TMU) project lead by Siân Preece, UCL Institute of Education. The idea of TMU was launched at a BAAL (British Association for Applied Linguistics) Cambridge University Press seminar. A report of the seminar was published in Language Teaching (2016), 49.1, 141-145.

The project was developed through an ESRC seminar series, which explored a number of issues related to linguistic diversity in higher education in Anglophone and English-medium instructional settings. Further information about the seminar series can be found here.

Following the conclusion of the seminar series, a partnership between UCL Institute of Education and Simon Fraser University was established to explore plurilingual approaches to pedagogy in Anglophone higher educational settings. A Special Issue of Language, Culture and Curriculum (2020), guest edited by Siân Preece and Steve Marshall, exemplifies recent research.